In the early years, I  remember feeling mesmerized as I sat and watched skaters ride around so effortlessly in my local neighborhood. I thought to myself, how amazing it would be to be able to do that someday. I received my first skateboard and my first Thrasher magazine one Christmas and fell in love with the spirit and essence of skateboarding. Upon watching my first skate video, I knew I would be a lifelong skater.  

Skateboarding became a positive outlet for me growing up to channel different emotions that one faces in their youth. Skateboarding is a personal endeavor where the only person you have to rely on to accomplish any trick or goal is you.  I understood that early on and skateboarding continued to show me the way in that regard.  The enjoyment I got from landing a new move or just being able to push down the street was and continues to be invaluable to me. It has also provided me the opportunity to connect with various people of all ages and different backgrounds. It’s an art form that breaks down barriers and builds a strong community of passionate skaters.

In a world prone to overwhelm us by technology, skateboarding is an activity that promotes physical fitness, patience, and awareness. Learning how to skateboard involves falling down and getting back up, frequently. This instills a persistence and determination that is quite unique among skateboarders. For the past 20 years, skateboarding has challenged me both physically and mentally. The catalyst for change and growth is challenging oneself and skateboarding has been a major building block in molding that belief. The most rewarding experience for me is being able to share my passion with others, especially the younger generation.  Besides all of that skateboarding is really cool and fun!  

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